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About Us

   The Secretariat office maintains the principle of serving, and coordinating the various departments of the school. In addition to strengthening the vertical integration, we address the activation of horizontal contact and cooperation. In order to improve the quality of administrative services and enhance service performance, the Secretariat is responsible for improving the process of handling official documents, simplifying administrative procedures, writing, approving, editing, and drafting of school meetings and administrative meetings. We are also responsible for holding and resolution of matters, reflecting the views of the school and related duties. It is expected to become the driving force of the school's development and progress, to enhance the competitiveness of the school and to create a good school image.


► Duties of the President’s Office

We are responsible for arranging:

1. President’s itinerary, VIP reception and contact

2. President's Office Congratulations letter, gift processing

3. Document organization, reporting, archiving

4. The matter of tracking and management of each unit

5. Update the president's homepage with relevant events

6. The president's media exposure

7. Schedule temporary assignments and duties


► Administrative Affairs

1. School Council and Executive Council Arrangements (agenda, proposal collection, convening meeting, record resolution, post-session control)

2. Other interim coordination meetings (agenda-making, collection of proposals, convening of meetings, recording of resolutions, post-session control)

3. This Office document preparation and registration archive

4. Coordinate important matters of administrative and academic units

5. Aggregate regulations of all departments

6. Collate complaints and requests from all departments

7. Maintain school Facebook fan page and school instagram accounts

8. Assign clerical tasks

9. School-related production of presentations, graphic design and editing

10. School-related film production

11. CTBC film post-postproduction and graphic design

12. Update web page and calendar

13. Secretariat's web page updates


►Documentary Services

1. Document delivery.

2. Allocate out-of-school mailing of letters, parcels, registration, express mail service to relevant units.

3. Mail all school letters, parcels, registered mail, and express delivery.

4. Handle all requests for school printing with CTBC’s stamps.

5. Business cards, all kinds of official seal application, receive and management business.

6. Other assignments.